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Please be aware that as class is in session, in order to respect clients and teachers, we ask that clients observe a late policy. If you are past time time of warm ups, please contact teachers or studio to be let in. This is to enure the safety of our clients and staff. 

During Class - No alcohol, smoking, or vaping is allowed to be consumed before any physical activities at the studio.

Please dress according to ATTIRE POLICY below.

Videoing and Photos - be respectful of your phone images and other peoples. You can not video/photograph teachers or other students without thier permission. 

BEHAVIOR DURING CLASS - Particpate in what the class and teacher is doing, not what you saw on IG! This is a big safety issue for us! As instructors we take your safety seriously! And Please do not teach another student!

At Studio A|R we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. As long as you cancel at least 24 hours before your scheduled class, you will not lose that class. The class credit will go back to your account, and you will be able to use it for another class.

If you late cancel, you will lose the class from your account. There is a $15 charge to keep your class on your account. 

If you hold a monthly pass, you will be charged 50% of the drop in rate, $15.00 as of January 1, 2021. 


Please wear proper attire when visiting our studio. Proper attire is: athletic wear such as opaque fitted shorts (loose material will not be allowed), sports bras and/or tank tops, or opaque leggings for Hoop and Fabric classes.

No see-through material is allowed. No undergarments (undies) are allowed to be used as workout attire.


Pole Specific -

Beginners & New to Pole

Absolutely NO LOTION

It's absolutely okay to come in leggings/sweat pants, BUT PLEASE BRING SHORTS! Shorts that expose mid thigh are highly recommended for BEIGINNERS. Bring Socks and layers because we like you WARM. Tanks and cropped tops are a plus, because some exposure of arms and underarms is better than none.

Level 1 & Up

Booty shorts are a must. Once you start learning how to climb and invert, booty shorts are a necessity. When in doubt bring a bathing suit bottom, they totally work! No underwear please.


Same drill as the ladies, but please, no boxers!, please bring shorts! - see above NO UNDERWEAR rule. 

Silks and Lyra Specific - 

Leggings that cover at minimum the knees and shirts with a sleeve (short or long is both okay). Some of us do practice in shorts or cropped tops and tanks, that is all okay once you have become familiar with the apparatus and are comfortable. 

Movement Specific (Linda's Classes) 

BRING IT ALL! Socks, leg warmers, knee pads, sweats, t-shirt with sleeves! Wear layers because this is a flood based class, you will need to be covered so you can move properly as well as socks and knee pads for comfort. Shirts with sleeves are highly recommended to protect and add smoothness when working with upper body on the floor! 

No alcohol, smoking, or vaping is allowed to be consumed before any physical activities at the studio. If you are intoxicated when arriving to our studio, you will not be allowed to participate in class, and will not be refunded your money.

Youth Behavior at  THE STUDIO:

We here at Studio A|R, LLC., have been advised by our insurance company that any student under the age of 12 is to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for the duration of the activities.

I (the parent) agree that I will be present and aware of my child or children’s activities at all times while at Studio Air’s facility. If I am not present, I am willing to assume the risk that accompanies the activities involved.


Studio A|R Behavior Policy:

Please respect your instructors and fellow students and leave your phone conversations outside the studio while in class. This applies to text messaging as well.

No street shoes in the studio.

We do not tolerate bullying or disrespecting of other students and their personal space. Such behavior will result in you being removed from the studio, and banned from taking classes at Studio Air.

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